Welcome to the Common Sense Curriculum website. Here you will find links to useful and fun educational sites. Our family used many of these during our public and home schooling years.  Free downloadable resources are also available. They will help you as you work through your Open Doors text. You will spend these years investing in yourself. Why not design them to work for you?

Job prospects today are 

encouraging! However, college costs continue to rise. Fortunately, opportunities for young people are expanding. One exciting example is innovative apprenticeships and partnerships between businesses, high schools and post-high school programs. Many expedite  a rapid transition into a job--and they cost less! That is also great news for the problem of student debt which can be devastating.

Open Doors shares those real-world skills that helped prepare our family for the future. It is my hope that its lessons will help you grow and expand your abilities, talents and skills, as well!



Do you want to feel self-confident and prepared for the future as you move towards high school graduation? Do you want to position yourself for college scholarships or job and volunteer opportunities? Open Doors is a fun, how-to guide that will provide you a tested road map to student success!

Open Doors will help you:

  - build confidence in yourself and your abilities

  - develop conversation basics and other interpersonal skills

  - identify and prioritize areas of personal interest

  - plan strategically for both short and long term achievement

  - cultivate valuable leadership qualities

  - present your best self in college or job interviews

  - groom yourself for personal and professional success


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