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Ladurée and a Macaron Home School Project?

I thought it might be fun, whether you are a first-time visitor to the area or have been here before, to include some posts during these next few weeks about interesting places for students and families to visit, fun things to do and see, and great spots to grab a bite at while you’re here.

The Washington area is multicultural in the best sense of the word. So if you’re here for the Cherry Blossom season to celebrate the 1912 gift from Tokyo or you live here, you might want to stop for a sweet treat in a small tea salon that first originated in Paris in 1862. A friend and I recently stopped in for dessert after dinner in the Georgetown area, and found Ladurée, located at 3060 M Street Northwest.

Ladurée is as beautifully decorated as their pastries. It has elegant crystal chandeliers and small tables throughout dressed with china and linens. But the macarons and treats in the bakery cases are definitely the star attractions! Two teas and two incredible pastries cost about $18—a bit pricey for a family, perhaps, but we thought the visit was worth every delicious bite! If you’re there earlier in the day, breakfast pastries, brunch and light lunch items are also available. With a Zagat-rated thumbs up, Ladurée provides both French ambience and sheer indulgence.

One of their featured types of pastries is the macaron. They are small French sandwich cookies, often pastel-colored. Macarons can feature any of an endless assortment of creative flavored fillings and are becoming increasingly popular in our area. They are about $4 each to purchase, but reportedly cost only about 18 cents each to make.

That is an excellent mark-up for a student who might be interested in a fun Home Economics baking project—one that, with practice, might even be turned into a spring money-maker for a budding entrepreneur! With graduation and wedding season approaching, these could be a hit at parties, showers and other springtime celebrations.

You can find various recipes online--the following is from Food Network if you decide to give them a try! https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/french-macarons-3362691 .

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