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Most entrepreneurs today likely have a website. If they don’t, they probably should. After I wrote Open Doors, I chose to design my own. Why? First, I believe in what Common Sense Curriculum is trying to accomplish by emphasizing such things as leadership development, educational accomplishment, community volunteerism and the building of solid life and job skills.

Second, my Open Doors target market is students. Since I help walk them through the basics of entrepreneurship, I also recognize that a lot of kids have limited funds. Those funds––however large or small––can be better spent on such things as product building and marketing rather than paying for something you can learn to do for yourself in just a few afternoons.

Third, if I can do it, you can, too. You have probably heard people say that many times. But trust me on this one! I am not “techie” and learning how to put together a website was really intimidating. It was also frustrating at times! For example, I learned the hard way to hit the “save” button on a regular basis. More than once, I lost a great deal of time and effort by failing to do that! On the other hand, having to occasionally reenter the same material was a good learning process. It helped me remember the steps I needed to take in order to get the individual pages set up the way I wanted.

The Common Sense Curriculum (CSC) website is still not perfect. Despite many determined tries, I haven’t yet figured out how to remove a couple of photos that mysteriously got “stuck” to the bottom of some of my pages. I’m sure it makes sense to someone––just not to me! Soon, I will follow up with one of the WIX Help Desk folks. Until then, I have at least gotten it up and running. Just like school or entrepreneurial efforts, sometimes a 90% result is better than a 0% result. Gaining new skills is a learning process––even for us adults.

I since instructed WIX to leave their logo and advertising visible on my site, which I happily discovered made it free of charge. That is to provide CSC visitors who want a site of their own an easily accessible place to go. Good luck with your design. And if you figure out before I do how to remove those pesky photos, feel free to shoot me an email!

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