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Election Training and Changed Virginia Protocols

This year, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam signed into law in July new rules affecting our 2020 General Election. These are all critical races for President and Congressional members that are up for vote this year.

Our General Assembly in Richmond, where I used to be a lobbyist and have observed firsthand how political parties in the majority rule the day, had approved measures this session that ultimately weaken election integrity. Rules regarding proof of residency and proof of citizenship have been greatly relaxed. Moreover, signature verification and proof that the voter is who he or she claims to be are also affected.

In addition, same-day voter registration adds to election insecurity. It is much more difficult to verify in the moment any information that supports the individual’s claims. This is of concern on its face, but especially recalling that seven ballots had been mailed to my home – unrequested and with no pandemic anywhere in sight – for the 2008 election!

Discussion Topic: Why is proof so important that who the voter claims to be is true and accurate? What are the benefits to the voter for having cast his or her vote? What might be some consequences of illegal or fraudulent voting?

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