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Voter and Election Integrity

What laws work to support voter and election integrity? I have worked professionally on this in several states. It has long been recognized that the best way to minimize illegal voting is for the individual states to require signature verification, photo IDs, proof of citizenship and proof of residence in the precinct where the individual is trying to vote. This does not bode well for Virginia’s new laws and election integrity!

Conversely, by the 2012 General Election, the State of Tennessee was an example of instituting more exacting voter eligibility criteria. I, in fact, had supported. It seemed as if a new voter applicant had to provide all but a drop of blood to prove that he or she was legally entitled to vote there! Having seen both ends of the spectrum, I’d support Tennessee’s criteria any day of the week.

Discussion Topic: What do you think? Why not discuss this at home? Regardless of birth origin, most voters feel it is a great privilege to cast their ballot. What makes your family part of the American body of voters?

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