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Recipe For Success: Georgetown Cupcake

Part of Georgetown Cupcake's appeal is that it offers over 100 different kinds of cupcakes! As its success verifies, the sisters sell a consistently delicious product. Entrepreneurs like them understand that such success usually doesn't happen "overnight." For example, there was undoubtedly trial and error to get each type of cupcake "just right." (Wouldn't you like to have been part of that process?!) Their passion continues to drive their commitment to excellence.

I haven't read the sisters' book which details their process from wanting to sell cupcakes to actually filling their own bakery shelves. But some aspects are self-evident: recipes had to be developed, catchy cupcake names had to be thought up and cupcake designs needed to be finalized. You'll consider such basic components in your entrepreneurial effort, as well.

In addition to finally selling cupcakes in their first "cupcakery," the sisters later opened additional stores and authored a cookbook. They also began to sell cupcake and cake mixes via the kitchenware store Williams Sonoma. They also expanded their product line. You'll see some of the items in the photo to the left. They include products like gluten-free and vegan specialty items. That opened their product to two more markets.

Remember that this empire started with two sisters and cupcakes. Who would have thought? Nevertheless, I have happily stood in the baking summer sun in a line that wound down the block multiple summers just to buy two cupcakes. And, every single time, they were so worth it!

Activity: As you continue to brainstorm about a product you'd like to produce and sell, think of the sisters. Consider that you can take something quite ordinary and make it special - and possibly spectacular. What would you have to do to accomplish that with your own product or service?

Also remember that your idea could be desirable to different groups of people for completely different reasons. The sisters market to people who have restrictive health considerations and to those who can eat any of their cupcakes happily. They simply tweaked the product to appeal to the largest number of customers. How might you do that with your effort? Record your thoughts as you continue to develop your ideas.

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