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In our Open Doors text, I encourage you to become aware of what resources might be available for little to no cost right in your area. I saw a perfect example of this last week when I visited a small uninhabited island off the North Carolina coast. The sand was pristine, and the day was everything one could hope for, especially after months of being mostly indoors. Aside from the shark swimming just off shore, things were uneventful.

But what also captivated me was the bounty of shells. There were thousands that had washed up on shore around the island's perimeter. They crisscrossed the interior, as well. Beautiful specimens of assorted varieties and sizes littered the landscape - perfect for collecting.

I examined shell after shell, but also recognized an entrepreneurial opportunity. I recalled the time when one of my former customers purchased a mirror for their beach house. Its frame was covered in seashells just like those I was seeing now. It had been expensive, and we had admired it, now hanging over their living room fireplace. I do recall thinking, however, that all it had required was a mirror, some shells and a glue gun.

Here in NC, one only had to collect a few to craft a similar project. Or, think of the plethora of shell crafts available if you've ever shopped in a beach town. My retired Uncle Butch, for example, would gather shells like these, make all kinds of odd beachy items, and sell them to his faithful campground customers from a card table set up in front of his motorhome at the Jersey shore. My aunt couldn't believe that people would actually buy that stuff. But it did give him enough cold, hard cash to take the tour bus into Atlantic City to have a night out at the casinos every week or so. But, that's a whole other story.

This nevertheless reinforces the idea that viewing your surroundings with a fresh eye might provide you, too, with native - or even manmade - materials at low-to-no cost that you, too, can turn into cold, hard cash. My Uncle Butch would undoubtedly approve.

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Scripture of the week: Zechariah 4:10, "Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord loves to see the work begin . . ."


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