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2020 – A Year For The Books

We’re looking at the close of 2020. I constantly hear people say that they can’t wait until it’s over! Many of the reasons are ones you’ve probably heard discussed in your home - people have lost jobs, holidays have been deconstructed, customary schedules have flown out the window, and everyone you see out in public is wearing a mask!

But others have commented about the gains that they’ve experienced: time to slow down from their own personal “rat race”, time to rest - even if it’s been forced, time to spend with those in our own homes, rediscovering the relationships that exist around us, time to phone elderly friends and relatives, time to make home cooked meals instead of picking up take out, time to teach the children at home – and enjoy it. If there is one thing that 2020 had forced upon us, it is time.

Much of how the year 2020 is interpreted depends upon perspective. We can choose joy instead of despair, options for happy interactions instead of grumbling or complaining, and make the effort to enrich our own lives in new and different ways than we might otherwise have chosen under our traditional lives of old.

Let’s start out 2021 with the knowledge and assurance that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. He has communicated through His Word The Bible that – if we are alive – we have a unique purpose to fulfill, and that every day is a gift. This new year affords each of us the opportunity to unwrap new potential and discover pathways to explore. What can you do to get yourself headed in a new direction that will repay you with something that will enrich you in the days and weeks ahead?

Suggested Activity: Make a list of three things you’ve always wanted to do or would be interested in finding out more about. After you’ve jotted them down, think of four steps you can list under each that would get you started on those activities. Choose one of them to start today, identify your goals, and get started. Enjoy the process and your new accomplishments!

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Scripture of the week: Zechariah 4:10, "Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord loves to see the work begin . . ."


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