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Election Day Poll Worker Application

I received word that I have been approved to be a poll worker this year here in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is something any American citizen can apply for – including you when you become of age. It is a fairly simple process. You must go through classes and/or other training in order to learn the voting procedures, polling place protocols, how to operate the voting machines and duties of the various worker roles.

I was in charge of my poll site in Delaware several years ago and, later, was a poll worker when I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. (I’m not sure how secure that latter site actually was, as we were all subsequently notified that our personal information had been stolen off the laptop computers. Apparently they had been left at the polling site after Election Day. So much for election security!) However, in Delaware, every “jot and tittle” had been followed by my officers and me, so I am looking forward to serving again here in Virginia. In the past, it’s been a fun day, celebrating community and common purpose. I’ll let you know how it turns out this year!

Discussion Topic: Why are both voter information (and actual votes) and physical workplace security important at the polling site – before, during and after the election hours?

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